Order of Events

Rediscovering our future at 18,000 feet
By Ariya Maskara and Enya Rastogi

Looking Through a New Lens of Empowerment
By Indigo Christina Larmour

Performance by Adya Uppal and Yeon Woo Kim

Changing the world one paw at a time
By Aidan Saikia

Are girls really not good enough?
By Amaira Kaur Anand and Jasmeh Kaur Dang

Performance by Keshav Moudgil

Deconstructing Science through Drama
By Alisha Gia Rekhi, Diya Sinha and Isha Jain

What if your water wasn’t safe to drink?
By Krish Walia

Performance by Angelina Bahl

Performance by Sara Sato

Lace 'm Up! Upcycling Fashion
By Nirvair Kohli and Nirvana Kohli

When the sound of music dissolves borders
By Revant Mehta

Performance by Ashira Parti

A World Full of Possibilities and a Head Full of Dreams
By EunJung Choi

A Voice for Animals
By Nipuna Nisansala Ranasinghe

Performance by Abhimanyu Thapa

Musically yours
By Jaiveer Misra