Anand Goyal
Anand Goyal

Anand Krishna Goyal’s dream is to ignite a passion for reading and learning amongst young people. The 16-year-old shares knowledge and resources with students by means of book donation drives and building libraries. By way of this talk, Anand hopes his audience to participate in similar initiatives and empower the lives of the less fortunate members of society.

Ananya A
Ananya Agarwalla

A passionate dancer, performer and an autism activist, Ananya Agarwalla aspires to break notions surrounding mental disorders. The 17-year-old views art as a space where social interactions can coalesce to build connections amongst individuals. By exploring the therapeutic aspects of dance for encouraging communication and self-expression, Ananya has formed a pedagogy to aid interaction and motor development of children on the autism spectrum.

Ananya M
Ananya Maskara

Since an early age, Ananya Sri Maskara has been an advocate for gender equality and women’s health. The 18-year-old’s wishes to realise her resolution of championing gender equality in all walks of life. Through her talk, Ananya aims to draw attention to systemic patriarchal norms to ultimately dismantle them and suggest ways to reconstruct the framework of the society.

Apaar Mehra
Apaar Mehra

17-year-old Apaar Mehra believes in using creative outlets to realise one’s full potential. Apaar’s talk has emerged from his personal experience of tackling Tourette’s Syndrome through music. He wishes to use his story and his understanding of the creative process to encourage young people to fulfil their dreams.

Asaavari Kaur and Anaya Gera

Is being a teenager all about peer pressure, partying and exam stress? Asaavari Kaur and Anaya Gera expound what it means to be a teenager in the 21st century and contest the stereotypes associated with the teenage years. The duo, both of whom are aged 14, explore vehicles to break the stereotypes and transform society towards creating a better and safer world for young people. They aim to educate the audience such that they leave with a sense of belief and conviction in themselves to make growing up fun again.

Inesh Uttamchandani

Many of us are foodies but how many of us actually care about food waste management? 17-year-old Inesh Uttamchandani holds the subject close to his heart and has converted his thoughts into action. In his talk he explores how taking small steps can help us discover creative ways of minimising food wastage, inspiring members of the audience participate in this movement and become agents of change.

Keshav Moudgil

An ardent musician, Keshav Moudgil is working towards creating an ecosystem that enriches the lives of underprivileged children. At the tender age of 13, our youngest speaker uses music coaching and mentorship to empower children who are less fortunate. His endeavour is to leverage his skills in music and technology and help develop young talent at zero cost to them and give back to society.

Krishnav Sekhri
Krishnav Sekhri

Krishnav Sekhri’s life changed when he witnessed villagers filtering muddy water with cloth while on a holiday in Maharashtra. The incident left such a deep impression on the 17-year-old that he resolved to find sustainable solution of providing people with the most basic necessity of life - safe and clean drinking water. Krishnav wants young people to recognise that age is never a limiting factor in working towards ambitious goals. He wants to be the catalyst that inspires people to undertake similar community-focused projects.

Rocky Vinay Bawa

14-year-old Rocky Vinay Bawa has found his passion in exploring creative solutions to undo the harm that decades of air pollution has caused to the environment and the atmosphere. He educates the audience about the possibility of turning rice husk into elegant pieces of furniture. Rocky envisions a future where burning rice husk is a thing of the past and rice husk furnishings a fashionable centre piece in every house.

Sid K
Siddharth Kataria

Do you believe In the transformative power of the good old pavement? Siddharth Kataria does. The 16-year-old believes that pavements inherently hold immense potential to bring freedom and choice to individuals. Through his talk, he draws the attention of his audience to long-ignored pavements and their ability to combat the epidemic issues of pollution and congestion in India.

Sumair Handa Bakshi
Sumair Handa Bakshi

Sumair Handa Bakshi is a 16-year-old environmental activist on a mission to conserve marine life. His objective is to educate people about traditional practices that are destroying the environment. Sumair wants to be an influencer and urge the audience to use their privilege to catalyse social change and embrace the responsibility of protecting the environment.

External Speaker One
Anika Parashar

An alumna from the class of 1998, Anika Parashar is the founder Trustee and Chairperson of ORGAN – Organ Giving and Receiving Awareness Network. Anika is recipient of the Pride of India Award 2017 and has been featured in the 3 rd Edition Book of 50 Women of Pure Wonder in India. Her passion is connecting organ recipients with donors and providing fitness and wellness solutions for women.

Tarika Khattar

An alumna from the class of 2009, Tarika Khattar is an entrepreneur with a passion for History and Technology. Tarika creates online products that help make history more accessible in a non-academic setting. She is also the co-founder of startups, Darcode and Vibe.

Poonam Bagai

Poonam Bagai is a cancer survivor, patient advocate and philanthropist. A former TBS parent, Poonam is the Founder and Chair of CanKids…KidsCan and Vice Chair of Pallium India. She gave up her career and has dedicated her life to making palliative care accessible for all and building capacities for pediatric oncology. Through her work she also provides emotional support to survivors and caregivers. Poonam is the recipient of many awards for her contribution towards social services – Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, Indian Academy of Pediatrics award, Nargis Dutt Cancer Conqueror Award and iCONGO Karamveer Puraskaar award, amongst others.